With 38 years of experience we can offer you the best facilities and child care in the Croydon area.


Running from a large purpose built centre offering a range of play and learning environments such as a sports hall, soft play room, sensory room, adventure playground, IT room.


We offer part time and full time child care for children aged 0-11 years old and collect from 13 schools in the Croydon area.


  • Qualified and security checked staff.
  • Registered not-for-profit charity providing affordable childcare.
  • Full time Day Nursery
  • Free pre-school (15 hours per week)
  • Breakfast Club with drop off to school
  • Afterschool collection and Holiday care.



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We have a range of activities that will make it easy to submit evidence of what is important to you for

the Commission to consider.




Still going strong after 40 years


Nearly 40 years ago, the Gingerbread charity chose Croydon as the location for what may have been the UK's first after school care centre.


From those humble beginnings, Gingerbread Corner has evolved into one of the borough's best child support set-ups, with its home at a purpose-built building in Grenaby Avenue, Croydon.




Don't bin it! Give it to us!!!


We have raised hundreds of pounds from all your clothing and fabric donations. Thank you but keep it up, now is the time to empty that old winter wardrobe!


Just bring in all of your old clothes and fabric to help us raise money with Rag-Bag.


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Registered in England & Wales under the Companies Act 1948 & 1967 as a company limited by Guarantee.
Registered number 1424489. Registered under the Charities Act 1960 number 278093. Ofsted Registration Number 124925.