Out of School

The Out of school scheme is our oldest project and was one of the first of its kind in Europe.

We provide 100 places for children of primary school age who attend all year round, with an additional 20 places for Holidays Only. The Out of School Manager runs this project with a team of fantastic staff. Most of the staff have been trained in childcare, whilst others are working towards gaining this qualification.

The environment is organised, clean and well maintained. The scheme is a free play environment; children can choose which activities they wish to participate in. The activities stimulate and encourage development as well as teaches them to co-operate with each other.

Our aim is to provide a safe, stimulating and happy environment for children in our care. The children are introduced to a variety of activities, which are planned. Our activities are carefully designed to ensure that all children have equal opportunity to participate in activities of their choice. Relevant support is provided to ensure that all our children's needs are met.


After School Club

The scheme runs Monday-Friday from the end of the school day when the children are picked up from school, until 6.30pm during term time, and from 7.45am to 6.30pm during the school holidays, with the exception of Bank Holidays.

When the children arrive from school a light nutritious snack is provided. The menus are on a seasonal four week rotation, which are reviewed every year.

Typical snacks are as follows:

Beans on Toast, Tuna Pasta Bake, Carrot Cake & Yoghurt, Soup & French Bread, Cheese & Crackers.
After snack the children can then freely choose how they want to occupy their time with the variety of activities available.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast club is run during term-time. It is open from 7.45 am until 8.30. Breakfast is available to the children, which is normally toast or cereal and is on offer throughout the session.

After they have had breakfast, the children can then play with a variety of table/board games and drawing materials. The play opportunities are limited to these as we do not want to hype the children up too much before school, where they should be arriving in a calm manner ready for the day of learning.

At approximately 8.30 the children are taken to school in a minibus and are escorted to their schools. Playworkers will not leave the school until the children are safely inside the building. Infant children will be taken directly to their classrooms where as the junior children join their respective class line in the playground.

If children arrive after 8.30am, unfortunately their parent will need to take them to school themselves because the register will already have been marked out and it is vital that our records are accurate.

  • Broadmead Infants & Juniors
  • The Crescent
  • Davidson Primary

Please contact us if your child's school is not on the list.

Term Time

We are registered to collect 100 children from their schools. Most are collected in one of our four minibuses. Our junior children from Broadmead and St Mary's schools are walked back to club. The infant children are collected from their classrooms or reception area from within the school where as our junior children meet at a designated place.

If there is any doubt as to whether we should be collecting a child from school, we will always bring them to the safety of our facilities rather than leave them outside a school.

The minibuses leave at around 2.45 pm and are out for approximately an hour.

  • The Crescent
  • ARK Oval
  • Broadmead Infants & Juniors
  • St Marys Infants & Juniors
  • Robert Fitzroy Infants & Juniors
  • The Minster Infants & Juniors
  • Woodside Infants & Juniors
  • Davidson Primary
  • Elmwood Infants & Juniors
  • Heavers Farm Primary

Please contact us if your child's school is not on the list.

Holiday Club

The scheme runs Monday-Friday from 7.45am to 6.30pm during the school holidays, with the exception of Bank Holidays.
For children who arrive before 8.30am cereal and toast will be provided. Children bring their own packed lunches (no sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks are allowed). We also provide the children with afternoon snack.

During the day we organise lots of activities for the children to do, we often take them out on trips too, including parks, museums and the cinema.

The Out of School Rooms



The Hall is the perfect space for physical activities; team and racket games, parachute games, gymnastics, as well as children's performances. The Hall is equipped with a kitchenette, from which breakfast and afternoon snack are served.



The Deck area is an extension of the hall. An outside space with views of the Adventure Playground and a chance for the children to get some fresh air, sand and water play is available as well as table tennis.



The Lounge allows the children to take part in a variety of different play opportunities. For example: cooking, drawing, creating collages, playing board games, puzzles, free and imaginative play.



The Craft Room offers a very wide range of activities, such as: collage, junk modelling, pottery, woodwork, enamelling, fusal beads, papier mache, handmade paper, mod roc and fantasy film.



The IT Room The children have access to 4 computers and 4 Xbox 360s for playing games, surfing the internet and doing homework. Access to the internet is restricted by Microsoft's Family Safety system.



The Romp Room is a fully padded soft play room on two levels including rollers, giant musical cushions and a ball pool. This is an ideal environment for the children to have fun and burn off any excess energy safely.



The Little Den is a fairytale room where children who want to use their imagination to dress up or play house in the home corner come to have fun.




The Sensory Room is an extremely therapeutic space and is specifically aimed at children under eights, those with additional needs and older children who need a chill out zone, and is supervised all the time it is in use.



The Adventure Playground Suitable for children aged over three, our sturdy and colourful play equipment provides fun and excitement. There is also space for free play, including team games, and our sensory garden provides a relaxing and quiet space for children to sit and chat.


Key Person


All children are assigned a key person when they start in Out of School. This person will be responsible for helping your child build relationships with the other children and adults.




The key person will carry out observation of your child throughout the day and use these to develop individual learning experiences for them. These will be collected in a profile record which you can access at any time.


Our Staff


We employ a qualified NVQ Level 3 Manager (in Playwork and Early Years) and our Playworkers are qualified in NVQ Level 2 & 3. All staff members are CRB checked.


Our staff have training in Behaviour Management, the Early Years Foundation Sage for Out of School provision, Safeguarding Children, Autism training, Understanding, working with, and supporting children's behaviour, Understanding Play Types and First Aid.


Parental involvement


We encourage parents to be involved in all aspects of the their child's day but we understand that this is difficult when working full-time so we are happy for parents to telephone or write to us any time.

We involve parents in fund-raising activities and on outings with the children and hold parents evenings that provide the opportunity to discuss your child's progress with the key person and members of the team.


The Lunch Menu


Gingerbread Corner provides breakfast and afternoon snack for its Out of School children. All meals are cooked fresh daily and all dietary requirements are catered for. The menu is a seasonal four week rotating menu.

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