Croydon is a great place to live and work in but it also faces many challenges; families struggling to make ends meet, social isolation, anti-social behaviour, poor housing and much more. This commission offers a once in a generation opportunity to bring the people of Croydon together to build a shared vision and to use all the talents available to us to create a fairer and better place to live.


Please help us do this by submitting evidence of the issues you think we know about. Email Together we can achieve more.


Rt Revd Jonathan Clark, Bishop of Croydon




"Question Time" at Gingerbread Corner


6 p.m. Tuesday 14th April 2015


Gingerbread Corner is proud to present YOU with the opportunity to question three of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for Croydon North, in advance of the General Election on 7th May.


Building on the success of our "Children's Question Time" we ran in May 2014, we are now inviting parents and children over eight to ask the Candidates for the Conservatives, Green and Labour Parties how they would help YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR COMMUNITY if they were elected.


The Panel Members will be the current MP, Steve Reed (Labour) Councillor Vidhi Mohan (Conservative) and Shasha Khan (Green Party), and the Panel will be Chaired by Glenn Ebrey, the Croydon Advertiser's Editor.

We will provide a free crèche with dinner for children who are too young to participate in the event.

Book your free tickets by clicking on this link:

Or, for more information, call Sue on 020 8683 3322, or email



Summer Fundraising at Gingerbread Corner
























Theresa raising money buy dressing up as a princess. Jacqui, Karen, Gemma and Josephine cleaning the CEOs car to raise money.


Gingerbread Corner Tile Wall

We will be creating a unique, fun and colourful tile wall outside the main door of the New Gingerbread Corner. The wall will be a source of

recognition, satisfaction and pride to the painters and contributors, it will be a permanent memento of children, parents, staff and friends who have had a connection with Gingerbread Corner over the years or who currently

attend. The wall can grow each year and become an annual event so that future children, parents and friends can also make their mark on the


Make a donation to Gingerbread Corner and you can have a free tile on the wall. Your child can paint the tile in a design of their choosing, or maybe put their painted hand print or foot print on the tile or you can paint a tile

yourself - or even have one professionally painted for you.

There are about 200 families that attend Gingerbread Corner (plus all of our staff, ex staff and friends) - if you all made one donation, got your free tile and persuaded 1 or 2 friends or grandparents to do the same we could raise around £5,000! Also available are larger advert tiles to buy giving

permanent publicity for your business, perhaps you could persuade your workplace to advertise on our tile wall?


Local companies can also advertise.


Small tile advert (2 tiles x 2 tiles: 8" x 8")

Can include business/company name and logo,

address, web address and telephone contact



Medium tile advert (3 tiles x 3 tiles: 12" x 12")

Can include business/company name and logo,

address, web address and telephone contact



Large tile advert (4 tiles x 4 tiles: 16" x 16")

Can include business/company name and logo,

address, web address and telephone contact



Contact Paula for more information or an order form.


Picture shown is an example of what it will look like.






Gingerbread Corner Charity Gig 2012 - Out Side Room


Out Side Room will be performing a charity gig at Scream Lounge in Croydon on 6th January 2012.


Out Side Room are a fantastic new Indie Dance band from Sussex, they have headlined at well-known London venues and are gaining an ever-increasing following through their Facebook page.


The band members are: Max Davenport, 20, on lead vocals, and his brother Archie, 18, lead guitarist, keyboardist Jimmy Goodwin, 19, drummer Will Wilkinson, 19 and bassist Charlie Simpson, 21.


The band formed in February 2011, played their first gig in May and have already gained a following of more than 2,500 fans through social networking site Facebook.


An all-ages event on Friday 6th January 2012 from 7.30pm - 11.45pm. First band goes on about 8pm. Tickets are £5 on the door


Scream Lounge, 20 Southend, Croydon, CR0 1DN


There is a height-restricted 24-hour car park opposite the bar, and nearby parking bays/single yellow lines are free to park on after 7pm..



Packed lunches don't meet nutritional standards

Just 1% of children's packed lunches meet nutritional standards set for school meals according to the University of Leeds.


Lunch boxes are being filled with crisps, sweets and sugary drinks instead of healthier food such as vegetables, fruit and dairy products, It's just as important to make sure the lunchboxes that children take to school provide a healthy, balanced lunch.


This means plenty of foods that contain the nutrients that children need, and fewer foods that are high in sugar and saturated fat.

A balanced packed lunch should contain:


Starchy foods. These are bread, rice, potatoes and pasta, and others.

Protein foods. These are meat, fish, eggs, beans and others.

A dairy item. This could be cheese or yoghurt.

Vegetables or salad, and a portion of fruit.


At Gingerbread Corner, we do not allow the children to have sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks in their packed lunch and they will be confiscated


For more information visit NHS Choices website.




Explore our new Sensory room

After over a year of fund raising we have finally raised enough money to complete our Sensory room. A Sensory Room is a place where children and adults with special needs can explore and develop their senses and skills. The multi-sensory room can have many different features ranging from soft play areas, padded floors and walls and interactive equipment which make dramatic changes to the sensory room environment using sound, lighting and fragrancing.


A multi-sensory room can engage children who can learn through play. From following bright lights, shapes and patterns with their eyes to pressing buttons to make the sensory room change colour or even change colour to music. Users will become interested in their environment. Also due to the flexible functionality of the multi sensory room it can also be used to calm and de-stress.


To see more pictures and a video of it in action click here


Our sensory room will be available to hire, privately or to other organisations, for more information please get in touch.




Teenage girls need to drink more milk to prevent harm to future babies.

Doctors have carried out tests on over seven hundred teenage girls and found that two thirds have a deficiency of iodine, a chemical element that is important for brain development.

Low iodine levels among pregnant women are dangerous because it can effect the development of a babies' brain. Incorporating seafood and fish into your diet can also help. Other foods that contain iodine are eggs and dairy products, cheese and yoghurt, onions, radishes, and watercress.


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