Terms and conditions

for Hire of Gingerbread Corner (GBC) for Children's Parties




1. This is an agreement between Gingerbread Corner and The Party Organiser


2. It has been agreed that Gingerbread Corner may only be used for the following purpose/es: Children's parties.




3. A deposit of £100 is payable to secure the booking, and the full fee is due no later than two weeks before the event date. Without these payments, your booking would be cancelled, with no refund payable.


4. The following outlines the notice required and the refunds that would be made in the event that you cancel the booking:

- With at least 12 weeks' written notice, we would refund 100% of your deposit

- With 8-12 weeks' notice, we would refund 50% of your deposit

- With 4-8 weeks' notice, we would refund 25% of your deposit

- With less than 4 weeks, we would not be able to refund your deposit.


5. Within one week of your party taking place, we would refund your £100 deposit as long as you have complied with all the terms and conditions for hire, as laid out in this document. By signing this document (or by returning it via email), you are signifying your understanding and your agreement to the terms of hire.


6. In the event of any loss or damage to the premises arising from the hire, costing more than the deposit, you agree to reimburse Gingerbread Corner in full for all reasonable costs incurred and Gingerbread Corner reserves the right to take action in order to recover the full cost.


7. All damages must be reported to the Party Caretaker when they return.


8. Any nuisance caused to our local community will result in your deposit being forfeited.


Party Caretaker


9. Once your booking has been confirmed, we will give you the name and number of our Party Caretaker who will open and close the premises for you. They will only be contactable from an hour before the arranged booking time.


10. Please arrive at the time specified on the booking form.


11. We are unable to extend the closing time, whether or not you arrive late or the party starts later than you planned.


12. If you are unsatisfied with the condition of the premises on entry, please notify the Party Caretaker immediately and they whatever they can, within reason, to resolve the issue.


13. You must remain on the premises until the Party Caretaker returns to lock up, as the building must not be left unsecured.


Data Protection


14. There are CCTV cameras in all areas, except the toilets. Gingerbread Corner may use our CCTV footage in the event of a dispute, to investigate an incident or to identify any breach of these terms and conditions.


15. Gingerbread Corner complies with Data Protection requirements, and our Policy and Privacy Notice are available upon request.


Responsibility for Safety


16. It is your responsibility to ensure that your guests are aware of all Gingerbread Corner's Terms and Conditions.


17. You are responsible for the safety of yourself and your guests and for any accidents, injuries or damage, howsoever caused, including injuries caused as a result of your or their negligence or contravention of current health and safety legislation or requirements whilst on the premises.


18. Gingerbread Corner will accept no liability for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, to any property that you or your guests bring onto the premises.


19. For your safety and that of your guests, in the event of a fire or other emergency, you must ensure that you understand and agree to follow the Emergency Safety Sheet guidance and the Fire Point Plan provided to you.


20. You are responsible for ensuring that you are familiar with the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits, and that your attendees know what to do in an emergency.


21. You must keep all the exits clear and free from obstruction (inside and outside, including escape routes to assembly points).


22. Fires exits must only be used in the event of a fire or other emergency and at no other time for your safety and security and that of your guests.


23. You should ensure that you have enough adults to help in an emergency, and that they know what to do. Everyone present should be told the location of the emergency exits and fire fighting equipment.


24. It is your responsibility to ensure that there is adequate supervision in all areas of the building, particularly the Sun Terrace and Romp Room, as these areas require close and effective supervision.


25. So that you will know that everyone has evacuated (should this prove necessary), make sure you have a list of all the people in the building.


Bouncy Castle


26. You are welcome to privately hire a bouncy castle. For safety reasons, it must not be higher than 8 feet or 2.4 metres and may only be situated in the Hall.


Use of our Romp Room & Sun Terrace


27. The conditions regarding the Romp Room and Sun Terrace are vital for the safety of children and other guests attending.


28. The Romp Room must not be used by anyone over the age of 11 years, and must be supervised by at least one adult at all times it is in use.


29. A maximum of eight children may use the Romp Room at any one time and fewer may be required, at the your discretion.


30. No food, drink or toys may be taken into the Romp Room.


31. The Sun Terrace must be supervised by an adult at all times it is in use.


32. It is vital that no items on which children could climb are placed near edges of the decking.


33. The decking is slippery when wet so you may not be able to use it, weather dependent.


Prohibited Activities


34. You have full responsibility for ensuring that you and your guests do not:

- cause any nuisance to the local community, including congregating or playing outside Gingerbread Corner premises

- congregate or play outside Gingerbread Corner premises

- use any outside area, apart from on the Sun Terrace

- use fireworks or other explosives on or outside the premises

- do any cooking including barbecues

- use a PA systems/amplified music/large speakers/DJs

- smoke on or outside the premises

- use any equipment, apart from a bouncy castle (as mentioned above)

- pin balloons or decorations on the walls or doors of the premises

- attempt to gain access to any locked areas of the premises

- under any circumstances (except for emergency) enter the Adventure Playground


35. Parking is available in Gingerbread Corner's car park at users' own risk. Please ensure your guests leaving their cars on Grenaby Avenue or Grenaby Road park and drive with consideration to our neighbours.


36. The premises must be left clean and tidy for the return of the Party Caretaker (a broom, bin bags and cleaning equipment are supplied and are located in the Hall by the door). The refuse bins are located in the service driveway next to the building.


37. The Party Caretaker will return at the time specified on the booking form, at which point you and your guests must be ready to leave. The Party Caretaker will complete an inspection of the premises with you. If you are late leaving, all or part of your deposit may not be refunded.


38. By signing this document or by returning it via email, you are confirming that you understand and agree to abide by the all conditions laid out above, including all disclaimers.